Ordering Information

1. Download the laboratory docket or simply contact the laboratory and we will be happy to forward on docket books and self-adhesive address labels. Contact Jennifer Copley in relation to any other queries.

2. Send impressions or working models (please check for any distortion), ensuring that a laboratory docket is securely attached to the sealed plastic bag. All impressions are poured within one hour of their arrival to the laboratory.

3. There is always a senior technician available to handle your queries in relation to the design or construction of any appliance.

4. Completion dates can be designed to fit your practice needs. Please request completion date one day before actual fit date. Please call to make arrangements for special requests, emergencies or completion date changes.

5. All Appliances and Study models are returned by courier or registered post (small packages) at no extra cost.

6. An account is automatically opened up on receipt of your first order.

7. Our online brochure contains only a small sample of appliances that are produced by our laboratory. Please contact us if you have any other appliances that you wish constructed and we will be happy to design them to your own personal specifications.

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