We are conscious of the importance to have retainers returned as soon as possible , so we offer a quick turn around service to facilitate your needs.
To ensure stability of your finished cases we can accurately remove brackets from the working models. Retainers can then be fitted at the debonding visit. It is important to take impressions with the arch wire removed,(bands on the molars may also be removed, but, this is not necessary), to prevent the impression material from tearing.Please check impressions for any possible distortion before packaging.

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Hawley Retainer

Standard design includes adams clasps on first molars and a labial bow 3-3. Modified Versions if required may include acrylic on the labial bow/ a fitted bow/ bow soldered to clasps.


Lower Hawley/Spring Retainers

Standard design includes an acrylic labial bow 2-2 and occlusal rests on the first molars. Modified Versions may include acrylic extended to 3-3 and/ or clasps added.


Begg Retainer

Used when setting of occlusion is required or crossing over of occlusion is undesirable. Standard design includes a labial bow with adjustment loops at canines contoured to the second molars. Support is also provided by palatal hooks at the canines. Modified Versions may include acrylic on the bow 3-3 and/ or C clasps on the second molars.


Invisible Retainer

Our invisible retainers are fabricated from crystal clear blanks starting from 1mm thickness upwards, using a pressure thermoforming machine. Aesthetic appearance has led to an increasing popularity of these type of retainers. Accurate impressions are an essential requirement for the fabrication of precisely fitting retainers.

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Barrer Retainer

Designed to allow minor adjustment of rotated incisors.


Wire Retainer

Twist Flex wire adapted to palatal/ lingual aspect of teeth for bonding, typically 3-3.



Connecting pads adapted to individual teeth for bonding.

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Lingual Retainer

Wire contoured to anterior teeth with pads on 3-3 only.

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