Removable Appliances

All appliances are fabricated using only CE marked materials.

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Appliances with midline Expansion Screw

Basic appliance to provide lateral expansion as required.


Schwarz (Two Screws)

Can be used to gain lateral development in the arch.


3D Schwarz

Designed for both lateral and anterior development



Standard design with adams clasps on the first molars. Can be modified according to dentition available.

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Pendulum Appliance

Fixed appliance for distalization and derotation of upper first molars. Modified Version may include an expansion screw to provide lateral expansion if desired.


Removable Quadhelix

For ease of adjustment quadhelix is removed from lingual sheath on bands.


Removable Palatal Arch

If adjustment is required the palatal arch maybe removed from the lingual sheaths placed on bands.

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Roberts Retractor

Design includes adams clasps on first molars, a flexible bow in tubing for retraction of central and lateral incisors.



Standard design includes adams clasps on premolars with anterior retention on centrals and palatal springs to distalise first molars.

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