Pressure-Formed Appliances

All appliances are pressure formed for closer adaptation and a more comfortable fit.

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Pressure-Formed Invisible Retainer

Our pull-down retainers are fabricated from 1mm crystal clear blanks using a thermoforming pressure technique. Aesthetic appearance has led to the increasing popularity of these type of retainers. Accurate impressions are an essential requirement for the fabrication of precisely fitting retainers.



We use dual laminated mouthguards in single,double and triple colours of your choice. We customise the mouthguard to the required thickness depending on the particular sport played (please specify).



Different types to help in relation to TMJ problems.


Biostar Appliances

Also available in Camouflage, Polaka-Dot and Zebra.

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Bleaching Trays

Custom made to fit the dentition and to accomodate bleaching material.


Custom Made ImpressionsTrays

These are custom made to the patient's dentition where conventional sizes are not accurate enough.

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