Functional Appliances

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Twin-Block Appliance

Designed to increase arch width of both upper and lower, also used to advance mandible. Modified Version may include advancement blocks in the upper or a Newport style lower in the mixed dentition or where retention is difficult.


Medium Opening Activator (M.O.A.)

Designed to translate a Class II division I incisor relationship into a Class I with a reduced overjet and overbite.


Frankel I . II . III. and IV.

Enhances favourable growth in developing dentition. Buccal shields and lip pads are used to restrict undesirable forces while accomplishing transverse and vertical development. Modified Version III can be designed to control mandibular growth while advancing the maxillia.


Bionator Appliance

Used to change lower jaw position in both vertical and horizontal planes. Can be used to open or close the bite.

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Harvold Appliance

This activator design includes acrylic capping on the lower anteriors and extends into lingual sulcus to help maintain seating of appliance. Modified Version may include loops on the labial bow.

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