Fixed Appliances

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Frog Appliance

We have successfully completed fully training in Germany for manufacturing the Frog Appliance. The appliance is used for distalising maxillary molars bodily and avoiding tipping of the teeth. Patient compliance is minimised and Headgear is not required. Easy to activate and spring is easily removed for adjustment. Can be used for first phase treatment or in combination with fixed appliances.



Designed to correct crossbites, narrow arches and crowding.


Palatal Arch

Used to maintain position of first molars. May include various loops in the design to develop the arch and/ or rotate molars. Modified Version to include a nance button to help maintain arch as well as position of molars.


Lingual Arch

Designed to maintain arch width and length. Loops are added to allow for minor adjustment of molars if required.

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Rapid Maxillary Expansion - R.M.E.

Designed to gain maxillary arch development. Auxiliary extension arms maybe added as well as buccal attachments for extra oral traction.


R.M.E. (Acrylic)

A modified version, with acrylic on occlusal surfaces of the buccal areas, for bonding to the dentition.


Band and Loop Appliance

A passive space maintainer to preserve space created by loss or extraction of deciduous teeth.

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Distal Jet

Designed for unilateral or bilateral molar distalization and correction of rotated molars in one appliance. Modified Version may include addition of an expansion screw.

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